Friday, May 25, 2018

A Searching We Go High Or Just Low!

The cat doesn't need to do this as I just give a hiss. That usually seems to work. It can so be a perk. The life of a cat. Who's to blame for that?

That wasn't me.
It costs a fee?
It really wasn't me.
Go bug that tree.

It was that squirrel.
See how he did a whirl?
The squirrel in the tree.
I swear that it wasn't me.

It was that bird.
He didn't say a word.
He flew from the squirrel.
See how those wings curl?

It was not me.
I'm truly telling thee.
It was that dog.
The one that ate the bird's brown log.

No! Look at that.
The dog chased the cat.
It was that cat.
He chewed no fat.

See? He's up on a ledge.
He's as whelmed as that hedge.
His human just took him in.
It was her that committed this sin.

Don't look at me.
It was not me, can't you see?
It was her child.
She let him run wild.

Wait. It was his friend.
Now no need to amend.
For his friend is the Girl Scout Leader's daughter.
Oh look, she's likes Harry Potter.

It was the author of that.
She caused this scat.
It was all her doing.
I think they call it kangarooing.

I swear that's the truth.
I'm the greatest sleuth.
It was never that tree.
Just like it wasn't me.

Do you like to shift blame? Do you get that lame? Like nonsense land type blame? Blaming someone who doesn't even know your name? The cat would roll his eyes if so. We'll stick to avoiding the blame game at our show. But if you want blame to come to pass then you can blame today's post on my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Race Is On For The Con!

The cat is ready to run. I am ready for fun. Or maybe to poke fun. Either way a post will be spun. A racing post from your host. No way I'll coast, but I might boast. That or meow. Okay, the race is on now.

My idea is grand.
I'm spreading it across the land.
I must get it just right.
Will help all in sight.

A tweak here and there.
A few things to spare.
Spare we won't.
Can't and don't.

Here it is.
Take this quiz.
Then you'll know.
Friend not foe.

Only a few sales.
So so many wails.
I think I need a tweak.
People just freak.

Take this away.
Make an easy display.
Take that off.
Now they won't scoff.

Sold some more.
But can't get it in a store.
I need to tweak a bit.
People can't understand this shit.

I'll pull this.
I'll give them bliss.
I'll yank that.
They'll chew no fat.

It's getting better.
I got a fan letter.
But still something's missing.
My ass they aren't kissing.

Take this away.
Dumb it down for the hooray.
Now I'll be a hit.
Can be used by any dumb shit.

I won the race.
I gave all a smiley face.
Dumbed my idea down to a Popsicle stick.
That sure did the trick.

Do you race to the bottom when creating? Can't have any of the dumb people hating. Have to make it understood by a 9 month old. That is how you get the gold. As in all the dough, not the medal. That dough can buy you a fancy new car pedal. May come with the car too. Wasn't dumbing it down for the masses great of you? Pffft I sure won't dumb down the sass that comes from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Time For A Heads Up To Beat Each Hiccup!

The cat has heard it a time or ten. I know many others have at their den. Heard what you ask? Not the loo for a daily task. I guess that would be flushing it. Oh where my head goes bit by bit.

It's sure has been said,
That it's all in your head.
Much to your dislike,
For it really means, take a hike.

You can't get out of bed.
Hey, it's all in your head.
Zombies are going full undead.
Hey, that's all in your head.

Look, it's a tale.
Zombies that can't wail.
They are stuck in bed.
Could bore when out of your head.

Take a spin.
Do it in.
Down the halls.
Scratch at the walls.

The mind don't care.
It still grows hair.
At least for most.
This isn't a making fun of bald people post.

For what's so bad?
A fun time can be had.
It is in your head.
You control what is thought and said.

So give it a spin.
Could turn into Rin Tin Tin.
Did I spell that right?
Bah, in my head it took flight.

But it's all in your head.
Yeah. That's been said.
So friggin what?
At least it isn't in my butt.

Like...maybe...sorta...your head.
Whoops, my head wanted that to be said.
Hey, it's all in my head.
Nowhere it needed to be read.

This post is up there.
Got others to spare.
I can mix and match.
My head has no hatch.

Ever get that said to you at your sea? Whether afraid of something or some other thing comes to be? Oh it is all in your head. Hey, you control it so nothing wrong with what they said. For you can say all kinds back. It's all in your head at your shack. Heads up, as here comes some gas. That isn't all in the head of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.