Monday, February 19, 2018

The Squawk Of The Talk!

Humans sure like to yap. Their lips surely flap. But that you know, as you are one at your show. Unless tabbies or other cats who come on by. Then you've seen their lips fly. But what's the point? Easy at our joint.

Get to the point.
A saying that is said.
One many rarely anoint.
Maybe that saying should drop dead.

For away you go.
A flap and yap.
The same kinda flow.
Both filling the gap.

You trust it as far as you can throw it?
Wow, look at you.
Wordy by more than a bit.
Only don't trust it needed to come due.

Happy as a pig in shit.
Do pigs really like that?
Wordy once again took a hit.
They're happy is all that needed to chew the fat.

Run like hell.
While not wordy.
Can hell run swell?
Just say "run" flip the rest the birdie.

If he had brains he'd be dangerous.
And what if you couldn't squawk?
Would you be strangerous?
He's dumb works as away you walk.

Couldn't find their way out of a paper bag?
Damn, that would sure suck.
Is saying they are dumb a drag?
Maybe it's a polite way to pass the buck?

The straw the break's the camel's back.
Do camel's carry straw by the sack?
Can one straw cause such an attack?
Does saying "that's it" simply lack?

I want to have a word with you.
Let's talk is so yesterday.
When need to be wordy too.
Especially when getting in our say.

I've ended up in worse places than this.
And I bet it was sooo bad.
It could be worse brings no bliss.
Start getting wordy a tad.

Ever notice that? Did you catch on to the cat? On and on you go when few words are needed at one's show. Does colorful make it better to hear? Fluckity fluck it in one's ear? Will that make them do more? Sure beats me at my shore. What? I've used them also in mass? Bah, it was just so you'd feel comfortable reading my long winded little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Post Is Done...What Fun?

This post is now done. I'll go for a run. Yep, done like dinner. Isn't that a winner? Unless dinner isn't done, but today we'll ignore that one. Did you comment yet? Need to be done before it is even set.

Done now.
Raise an eyebrow.
Why? I'm done.
Done with a run.

No run is shown.
Not on computer or phone.
But I'm suddenly done.
Not under the gun.

Under beats straight on.
Isn't that a con?
Beats going under the knife.
Better off staying under the wife.

Or husband too.
Equal opportunity at our zoo.
Did I use that right?
Bah, I was done before it took flight.

That's right all.
Done at my hall.
Done without a single word.
That isn't absurd.

I stopped before I started.
Oops, I farted.
I just had to share.
After all, I'm done at my lair.

I can't stop if I never start.
But I'll take it to heart.
For without a start I did stop.
Isn't that a brain flop?

Stop before I start.
Like clothes at Wal-Mart.
They stop and start away.
Butt cracks on display.

This post is done.
Time I run.
Time I ate.
A common trait.

Wow, I'm still going.
What's with this showing?
I stopped before I started.
Did that saying just get parted?

Did you stop before you read? Did I hurt your head? How can you stop if you never started? The idea was never fully carted. You never even began the task. Wow, you humans must have taken one too many hits from the flask. But this post is now done and whoops, I started to make it stop its run. The cat proved wrong yet another pass. It is so fun to do for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

An Off With No On Can Sure Dawn!

This post is so cool. So cool that you will drool. The drool may even freeze. May get stuck that way if you sneeze. Hold on, cool is hot? We are so cool then with our hot to trot.

A grand post.
Loved at each coast.
It let's me boast.
Humans I roast.

Not literally though.
That's a no no.
Cannibals aren't in right now.
Maybe next year they'll wow.

Back to great.
So great none can relate.
How do I know?
Because I'm not low.

Nope, I'm off the charts.
Me and my farts.
I'm off so swell.
Let's raise some Hell.

Really confused?
Now I'm amused.
I raised what you can't,
And went off something I was never on at my plant.

Even made me wordy.
Could flip me the birdie.
But that would be mean.
Not really, at my scene.

Because I'm off the charts.
In all your hearts.
Off what charts though?
Do charts even show?

Can I go off what's not there?
Does this mean I have a glitchy lair?
Does it go off your screen?
Bah, who cares, as off the charts is serene.

Even if I never got on.
Off sure did dawn.
Nope, not a con.
For I'm off with no on.

Are the charts small?
Damn it all.
Just go with it with me.
I'm off the charts at my sea.

Can you still see this post? Hmm guess I'm not off any charts at my coast. Maybe they let me back on for today. Are you off the charts at your bay? Which charts would they be? Are you as chart happy as me? At least they aren't pointy like being off the hook. That could stab you at your nook. Charts could give you a paper cut I suppose. Or the screen of death may strike a pose. Bah, enough with my question pass, for I'm an off the charts little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.